The Book of Business Awesome/Book of Business Unawesome (Updated)

I finished reading The Book of Business Awesome last night and started reading the Unawesome side.

I will say that the Awesome side was AWESOME! It did not disappoint! Scott Stratten has an excellent conversational writing style that makes you feel like he is sitting in the room with you.

I will update my review when I finish the Unawesome side. I already know that I will enjoy this part as much as the Awesome side.

Yes, Scott, I did start with the Awesome side because I wanted to focus on the Unawesome side where I will learn more from other people’s mistakes!

Thanks for checking my website!


UPDATE:  I finished reading the Book of Business Unawesome yesterday. Excellent read! Every business that uses social media should read both Business Awesome and Business Unawesome.

The examples used clearly illustrate the points made in the book. The chapter on Boners BBQ is a classic example of how one can dig a hole even deeper.

Scott Stratten’s conversational writing style is effective in emphasizing points. I enjoy reading his books and look forward to future books written by him.  Keep up the good work!


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