This AmEx Open Forum article, written by Sean Blanda, discusses Amazon’s “Customer First” process. Interesting read. This has definitely worked for Amazon. Do you use this philosophy?

Amazon’s Key to Success? Planning Backward

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I have been tracking a youth group on Facebook called “Leaders in Training”. A group of Las Vegas children traveled to Washington, DC to attend the Inauguration of President Barack Obama. It was fun watching their trek via train across the US.  It apparently was a fun trip for the kids!

I spoke with the mother of one of the travelers and she stated that the organization could use support. I promised her that I would post on my blog information about the group. These kids are learning about our government and becoming the future leaders.

Listed below are the website and Facebook page for the organization. Take a look and get more info.  Most of all, click on the “Like” button on their Facebook page.  I will post more info about the group as it comes.



This is a worthwhile endeavor.

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“If the people who make the decisions are the people who will also bear the consequences of those decisions, perhaps better decisions will result.”

John Abrams, from The Company We Keep: Reinventing Small Business for People, Community and Place

This quote needs to be framed and placed in a prominent spot in every office. Many organizations suffer from bad decisions. Many people use the “We have always done it this way” form of management and decision-making. Many businesses have failed due to bad decisions. How does your organization handle decision-making?

What level of management makes the decisions? Does the decision-maker have the knowledge and experience to make the decisions? Does the decision-maker know how the operations work? Do workers, at a minimum, have input in the decision-making process? Take a look at your organization’s decision-making process and answer these questions.

Better decisions lead to better results. Better results lead to success. Be successful!

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