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This YFS Magazine article, written by Aaron Hollobaugh, provides small business owners 5 tips for determining the proper platform for your business. There are many forms of social media on the web. Are you using social media effectively for your small business?


5 Practical Social Media Tips for Small Businesses


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This Business News Daily article, written by Nicole Fallon, provides 6 mistakes to avoid in regard to social media customer service. These are some excellent points to consider in your social media program. Are you listening to and responding to your customer?

6 Social Media Customer Service Mistakes to Avoid

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Excellent information on using social media for your small business written by Andrea Britton. Excellent read!

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If you are an SME or Startups that knows or understands the importance of social and digital communications within your business, then read on.  This is an outline of the directions you should take to keep social at the heart of your journey and be a successful sociable business.

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I am guilty of not using LinkedIn to my advantage. I have never fully understood LinkedIn and how to use it to my advantage. My fellow blogger, Don Grgic, A passion for Small Business, recommended to me that I needed to begin using LinkedIn as a tool. I now use the site to notify my connections  of updates on my website. I am also increasing the number of connections I have to build my network.

Even with my increased use of LinkedIn, I still felt I could do more. I found an article that discusses how small business can use this site to increase their network, find future employees, and keep informed on industry trends, among other things. I am going to use this article as a tool and would like to share this article with small business owners also!

This AmEx Open Forum article, written by Michael Ansaldo, discusses various ways small business owners can leverage LinkedIn for their business.  Good info! I will be using this info as a guide to expand my usage of LinkedIn. Are you using LinkedIn to your benefit?

How to Leverage LinkedIn for Your Business

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